IMAGE APP | Leo Ojigbo

Please note. For Faster and better processing, crop images to less than or equal to 200px for height and width (200 X 200).

This app is created using the Duke Learn to Program Js Library which adds a layer of abstraction to image processing.

This app has 3 sections:

  • Filter: This app allows users to upload a picture and apply the color filters to the picture.
  • Green Screen: This app allows users to upload 2 pictures and replace the green pixels from the foreground picture with pixels at same location in the background picture.
  • Steganography: This app allows users to upload a picture and extract the hidden data or upload two pictures and hide one in the other.

This course has increased my interest in image processing and i intend to make additional research in that field as soon as possible. My most interesting part is the Steganography part . The idea of Steganography is to hide data in images using simple Math. Utilising base 2 numbers or even decimals, you can hide images under other images or even text under images.


Upload Your Picture from the file input below and apply the filters on the picture. After applying a filter, Press the Upload to clear it and try another.


Upload Your Foreground Picture with green Background.
* Please be patient, it might take some time to get your output after hitting the "Replace" button.The speed would vary between devices.
Upload Your Background Picture you intend to replace the green screen with.


Upload Main Picture Picture.
Upload Picture to hide.